Spare parts


Tempered glass that protects the mobile phone's glass against frontal impacts and also against prying eyes.

Protection against onlookers horizontally over 180° and vertically over 180°.

Beyond an angle of 30°, in all directions, what is displayed on the screen is invisible.

Sideways privacy for anyone to the left or right, higher or lower, who tries to look at what is displayed on the screen,

360* visual protection in all directions.


We do the laser cut to make the removal of the rear window easier.

We provide you with the rear window.

You then do the work of removing the broken glass and installing a new rear window in the color of your choice.

Or you can go to the workshop. You have to choose the service without shipping costs.

Or you send us your device with the broken rear window by parcel post. Once the device has been lasered, it is returned to you by mail with a new glass enclosed. You have to choose the service with shipping costs.