I dissolve the glue without damaging the electrical connectors.

To avoid tearing a flex it is better to use me.

For example a small drop is enough to separate the earphone flex from its support in all devices.

I remove all the glued components by diluting the glue.

I separate the batteries of all the MacBook without damaging the other components.

Instead of forcing and damaging everything around, think of me!



This material is sold only and exclusively for the use of solvent product such as rectified benzine, or glue remover used for the repair of equipment such as cell phone, iPad, Note, Laptop, Macbook etc...

This material and especially the needle which is also supplied in this lot are definitely not sterile.

Any use other than that intended, as described above in this text, is prohibited, not recommended and not allowed.

In all circumstances, no direct and/or indirect liability is assumed by the seller, suppliers and all related companies and persons.

In all circumstances, the user remains solely and indefinitely responsible for the use he makes of these supplies.