A1465 - MacBook Air 11" - 5,1

MacBook Air 11" - A1465 - Model 5,1 - Middle 2012 (EMC 2558) - S/N: MD223xx/A - MD224xx/A


Magnetic mat ideal for arranging the various small screws and accessories when repairing your mobile. The small deposited objects do not disperse. Place each screw or group of screws in the precise place where it should be placed. Make a small drawing to remember every detail. 


Fits the following models:

MacBook Air 11-inch 2015 Model A1369 MacBookAir7,1

MacBook Air 11-inch 2013-2014 Model A1360 MacBookAir6,1

MacBook Air 11-inch 2013-2015 Model A1465 MacBookAir6,1/7,1

MacBook Air 13-inch 2013-2017 Model A1466 MacBookAir6,2/7,2

MacBook Pro Retina 13-inch 2013-2016 Model A1502 MacBookPro11,1/12,1

MacBook Pro Retina 15-inch 2013-2015 Model A1398 MacBookPro11,2/11,3/11,4/11,5

iMac 21,5-inch 2012-2018 Model A1418 iMac13,1/14,1/14,3/16,1/16,2/18,1

iMac 27-inch 2012-2018 Model A1419 iMac13,2/14,2/17,1/18,3 

Mac mini 2014 Model A1347 Macmini7,1

Mac Pro 2013 Model A1481 Macpro6,1